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Gerald Kolpan, author of Etta, is available for book club and media event appearances, as his schedule permits.

If you are a book club and would like to schedule a phone interview (or personal visit when possible) with Gerald for your club, please email your request to [email protected].

Please direct all media inquiries to:
Lisa Barnes
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What the Fans Say

Mr. Kolpan intersperses diary entries, letters, newspaper articles, and Pinkerton memos into the main story which all help to add a realistic note while varying the perspective. And I loved that he made Etta a Harvey Girl as a device to get her to Colorado from Philadelphia. This is truly a fine read for anyone who enjoys a well-plotted adventure and the historical aspect is an added bonus. This is one of those books that I just wanted to pick up and read whenever I had a free minute...when it's released in March, it gets all the attention it deserves. I know I'll be recommending Etta highly at every opportunity!

Colorful personalities, adventure and an enduring love story makes Etta by Gerald Kolpan a truly enjoyable read. The story romps along with one adventure after another as Etta Place encounters many real and fictitious characters throughout her life as a debutante, Harvey Girl, train robber and friend of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Rollicking, unsentimental, fast-paced and sexy story of one of the west's few female legendary figures. Breathes true, sweaty, funny, smart life into the dusty images of Butch Sundance, the Kid, and his band!

Kept me turning pages until 1am, greedily drinking in the story with the pleasant byproduct of a better understanding of some historical nuances about the railroads, early outpost towns, the very zeitgeist of the time.