Lorinda Reese Jameson

Lorinda Reese Jameson (Etta Place) & Harry ‘The Sundance Kid’ Longbaugh
Inside Cast
In The Book:
Beautiful Philadelphia socialite turned outlaw

Lorinda Reese Jamison (alias Etta Place) is the main character of Etta: she was a Philadelphia socialite educated in fine schools, but also a crack shot and champion horsewoman. When her father shoots himself, his debts to The Black Hand leave her vulnerable to disfiguration and murder. Under the assumed name Etta Place, she goes West - to make her living and there falls in with the Hole-In

The-Wall Gang and its brooding second in command Harry Longbaugh, the Sundance Kid.

As imagined by Etta author Gerald Kolpan, Lorinda and her past are entirely fictional.

But although Etta Place herself was an actual historical figure, any actual history

about that figure is scarce, indeed.

There is almost no factual information about Etta, only stories and theories. It is not known if "Etta Place" itself was a real name or an alias. [in this mockup, full text not shown]