Gerald Kolpan

Magic Words

The tale of a Jewish boy-interpreter, the world's most estimable magician, a murderous harlot, and America's greatest indian chief

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MAGIC WORDS now an audiobook from!

On Sept. 24, 2013, released Gerald Kolpan’s second novel, MAGIC WORDS, as an audiobook.

The talking tome is unabridged with a running time of 13 hours, 8 minutes. The story is read by New York actor Michael Goldstrom, who performed over 70 different voices.

“It’s sounds great,” Kolpan says. “Michael got the feel of the book just right – and although his voice changes are subtle, they really help to differentiate and build the characters.”

MAGIC WORDS was first published in May of 2012 by Pegasus Books (distributed by W.W. Norton) and is currently available in hardcover, paperback and as an e-book.

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